Selling With and Without a Broker

Real estate is idling in many parts of the world. The truth is that there are currently too many properties on the market and not enough active buyers. Whether you choose to sell with or without a broker will not really affect how long it takes to sell. It is rather the type of marketing used that will make the difference when selling property.

A successful recipe

Setting the right price right from the start and displaying the property on multiple websites is the premise of success. If a homeowner wants to tackle the sale on their own, he or she must be smart and post on numerous reliable sites. These sites may be free and their combined success allows sellers to reach just about every interested buyer on the market.

Use several sites

With millions of visitors a month, there are plenty of websites that claim to sell the most homes. Although many free sites are not specialized in real estate, some are recognized as an excellent choice to reach buyers because it outperforms several other real estate sites in terms of the number of visits and monthly page views. For more information, see LJ Hooker for details.

In addition to offering sellers a free posting, some sites will offer homeowners the tools that any good real estate site offers: free visits, “for sale” signs, offers to buy, featured ads, and so on. Just create a profile to benefit from all the tools offered. The idea is to be seen by as many buyers as possible and since the Internet is the main tool used by buyers, sellers must prioritize the Web to find their buyer.

Hiring a reliable broker

These options are completely free, so there is no reason for a property to go unsold. When choosing a broker, ask questions and ask him or her which sites they use to promote properties. Many brokers also have their own website and may use social networks, which means they can offer clients excellent additional visibility.

In the end, whether a person sells on their own or with the help of a professional, the important thing is to set the right price and to flood the market. By the way, an agent’s personal website is certainly a plus, but it is very rare to find an agent that has strong traffic. Insist that the broker advertises your property across multiple sites to maximize both the home’s visibility and your chances of selling quickly. The more the property is seen, the better your chances of selling fast.

Since the majority of buyers shop on the Internet, homeowners need to figure out the best way to market their home.

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