No Job Is Worthless!

Whether you’re a cleaner, chef, or paper pusher, your job is not worthless.

Every job has its purpose, if not there would not be a need for it be created in the first place.

Never talk about another job until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Be humble, be understanding to its challenges, be respectful. Your pay check does not determine the value of your job in society or your place amongst others. It does not render your right to speak of another person’s job just because you earn more, own a business (that might not necessarily be booming), or think your job is more valuable/respectable.

If that person is happy and contented, you’re in no place to judge their career choices. If that person isn’t your friend, an employee, even more you’ve no right to put their career choices down or manipulate it to your benefit. You’ve earned zero respect, in fact, lost most of the respect that person might have had for you.

Every job is important in this world, regardless of the pay check or skills required. Every person has his place on this planet. Respect their place like you’d want others to respect yours.