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“Oh, I have an idea — and I’ve tried to sell it to my boss, and I failed. Too bad — now we are working on a product everybody hates, so much legacy, I’m going to start/join/rewrite a brand-new project, so next time people will listen to me”

— A thing that I’ve heard a lot from my friends

An Idea example: “Let’s use the new framework to improve the quality of the image recognition in our application”

I fear that they will not. There are many reasons why:

  • You are selling an idea. Selling something is a skill. Great…

Funny theoretical approaches to the computer security

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The other day I was thinking about funny theoretical approaches to the computer security. You know, usually the defense means passive things: passwords, keys, logging and sometimes security through obscurity, firewalls and different anti-tampering means and stuff. The defense is usually pretty much passive. You sit and wait, well prepared and ready to defend yourself from the attacker. But it makes it funnier when it’s little bit different. Disclaimer: we will be talking only about theoretical lawful-good approaches.

Imagine following scenarios:

  • The server pretends that the attack succeeded and then attacks the foe…

It’s time to let the develop branch go if you are not the person who does all the development.

All of it.

That’s a situation one often sees in a corporate, enterprise if you wish, scrum-ish like environment. It’s not you who control the release in terms of what goes in, and that is the spot where the whole concept of the development branch in a form of a future version makes no sense at all.

Let’s imagine a typical scrum-based web-application you are making/supporting with your fellow team at [Name of the company]. Your tasks are organized in Jira…

Type in the console:

npm install -g npm@3.10.10 (in this example, the version is 3.10.10)

So, there is an ad-block extension that most of the people use on a daily basis. Other people may opt-in to disable images, flash, java and whatever, but not a text. So that’s why I've decided to make it possible, at least in Chrome. (upd: Rafaël Rozendaal & Jonas Lund made it possible back in 2013, see update below in the end of the story)

And you know what? I kind of like it. It turns out that the text is not important anymore (well, until you are reaching to the Reddit).

It could be an art project, but it’s…

Story about differences in software implementations of simple mathematical operations answering the question: “Which of two floating-point values are greater” (or lower).

The float-related implementations of Min and Max are different and in most cases their behavior is not conforming to
IEEE-754–2008 standard (IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic).

Consider the following example of naïve generic Max JavaScript implementation:

function Max(a, b) {
if(a > b) {
return a;
} else {
return b;

This implementation isn’t correct in many ways:

  • It cannot handle -0 +0 cases (+0 should be greater than -0);
  • It doesn’t handles input and…

There are number of attempts to reduce amount of changelog conflicts. All of them are not working for me. Except new one.

tl;dr Directory structure to the rescue:

  • Some people use placeholders. Good idea.

“At GitLab we solved the above problem by adding a 100 lines with just a hyphen placeholder at the top of the changelog.”

  • Some people use different merge strategy for single file(merge=union). It is good idea to go when every line of your changelog are always unique. It is bad idea when your changelog has some not-so-unique endings. Things then can just go wrong…

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