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Perhaps there are people who don’t want to save hundreds of dollars a year on home phone service. If so, Net-Tell LLC may not be for them. However, for those who want to save money, Net-Tell LLC may be the perfect choice. By using the Internet to route phone calls, Net-Tell LLC saves tons of money over running wire everywhere, and they pass those savings on to their customers.

Every Net-Tell LLC customer gets unlimited domestic calling at a flat rate with no long distance charges, as well as low international rates and so many great features that many phone…

If you are lucky enough to not care about saving hundreds of dollars per year on home phone service, consider yourself fortunate. However, if the idea of saving hundreds of dollars every year is important, then Nett-Tell LLC could well become your favorite phone company. Nett-Tell LLC home phone service saves its customers money by routing all phone calls the Internet, rather than a standard hard phone line, which costs phone companies a lot of money. You won’t notice the difference in call quality if you have a decent Internet connection when using Nett-Tell LLC.

The real difference comes with…

It is hard to deny that Net-Tell LLC offers its customers superior telephone service, even though it does so at a price that most local phone company usually can’t beat. For anyone with a broadband connection, they can simply plug their phone into a small box that is attached to their router and make calls as they always have. Because the service uses the Internet rather than a standard phone line, which is commonly referred to as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), they can offer great service over your existing broadband connection at a fraction of the price. …

While the term VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, may sound foreign to you, it is being used worldwide to help connect people. Voice Over Internet Protocol systems employ session control and signaling protocols to control the signaling, setup, and teardown of calls and other types of communications. In everyday speak, VOIP transports audio streams over IP networks (for example the internet or telephone switch boards) using special media delivery protocols that encode voice, audio, video with audio codecs, and video codecs. Nett-Tell LLC is a VOIP service provider. What makes Nett-Tell LLC special is that they offer a free version of this service to their clients to help them start saving immediately.

Net-tell LLC is a different and modern type of home telephone service. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you use the same phone and dial numbers the same as you always have; the fact is, Net-Tell, LLC routes calls over the Internet. This is called VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service and it just means they get to provide service at a much lower cost. Instead of plugging the phone into a standard landline, you are plugged into a box attached to your broadband router.

There is no real difference in call quality when using Net-Tell LLC

Perhaps there is someone who truly doesn’t want to save hundreds of dollars a year on home landline telephone service. For them, Net-Tell LLC may not be their best bet. For everyone else, however, Net-Tell LLC is a great choice. That is because they save a lot of money by routing all calls via the Internet, rather than a expensive hardwired phone lines. The savings they experience, they pass on to their customers in the form of a phenomenal deal.

Commonly referred to as VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, Net-Tell customers plug their existing phone into a box that…

The availability of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone services has become robust and vast since its inception. Early providers structured the voice communications to work with IP addresses and computers specifically, allowing calling from home without the requirement of a traditional landline or even a cellular device. However, today, VoIP has extended to personal computers including laptops and IP addresses beyond home, smartphones and devices connected to the internet from anywhere around the world. Net-Tell LLC’s VoIP services, for example, includes advanced features such as local and long distance calling, call redirect, web account portal and softphone support.

VoIP Cuts The Cost With Nett-Tell LLC

Is there a way to keep your phone landline, but cut down on your phone bill? Is there really a way to cut the bill completely? The answer is yes and the solution is Nett-Tell LLC. Nett-Tell LLC is a Voice Over IP service provider that can get you a lot more money than their competitors because they provide free connection. And unlike many companies, their free service is not just the basic features, but the advanced features are provided as well for free. These are the same advanced features that traditional phone companies charge extra for. So, you are not only getting a free service, but a service that gives you more than many basic paid for telephone services give you all being offered for free from Nett-Tell LLC.

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