10 Most Successful Ways to Monetize a Blog & Make Money Blogging

The next step after starting a blog is; How to monetize a blog? It involves several factors like your niche, useful content, interaction with your readers, decent amount of web traffic and subscribers. If you really want to make money from blogging, one thing you have to keep in mind is to help people. You need to provide helpful and valuable content about a specific topic to your audience. Because great content attracts them and they want to listen from you again and again. It is all about building a trust with your readers. If they achieve their goals from your blog, I think it is a great success.

There are many ways to do this. I will discuss the most successful methods here. You will better understand; how to monetize a blog from this article. Do not give up if one method wouldn’t work for you. Keep trying; one will definitely work for you.

10 Ways to Monetize a Blog

1- Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC Advertising is one of the most common ways to monetize a blog and make money from blogging. You will get paid when a user clicks on ads. Your income depends upon the number of clicks on these ads.

In order to start PPC ads, you need to sign up for Advertising Networks. There are many Ad Networks. Most Popular Ad Networks are Google AdSense, Media.net, and Adsterra. When you set up an account with these networks, mostly they will give you a code upon approval and you need to insert into your website. Now your website is ready to start running their ads relevant to your content. One thing you have to keep in mind that every network has its own approval criteria and usually takes some time. If one network doesn’t approve you, try another.

There are many varieties of ads format like banners, text links, pop-ups or pop-under etc. Most bloggers use PPC Advertising to generate revenue. But in order to get handsome income from this method, you need a huge amount of traffic.

2- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best method to make money from blogging. It is a great way to generate income from a blog because you do not need to create a product. You just sell other’s people product or service through your affiliate link. Also, commissions are very high ranging from 10–75% of product or service value. You can make a huge income by affiliate marketing.

To start affiliate marketing you need to sign up with an affiliate network. There are many popular affiliate networks. Create an account with them and search for products or services that are relevant to your blog content. Get your affiliate link and put it on your website. When someone buys product or service through your affiliate link, you will get the commission.

3- Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most convenient way to monetize a blog. You can make your blog more profitable by this method. Email works great and generates huge revenue for your website. Moreover, you can communicate directly with your visitors by emails.

First of all, you need to build an email list of your visitors. You need email marketing service to do this. I always use GetResponse and also recommend you to use this service. You can sign up free trial here for one month and start building your list right away. Display sign-up box on your blog or website to get emails of your visitors. You may offer free gift like an e-book or something like that to encourage people into signing up. By this way your visitors become subscribers and you can build a bigger list.

When you have an email list of lots of targeted visitors, you can promote them similar products or services very easily. So, it is a powerful way of generating money.

4- Make Money from Blogging by CPA Marketing

CPA (cost per action) marketing is another way to monetize a blog. It is more like affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you have to sell products or services to get commissions. But in CPA marketing you do not need to sell product or service. As an affiliate, you will get the commission when someone takes an action like submit an email, phone number, zip etc. Simply you generate leads for advertisers and they pay you for that. Hence, this is an easy way to generate revenue.

You may find CPA offers from CPA networks relevant to your niche. Most popular CPA networks are Peerfly and Maxbounty.

5- Sell Advertising Space

This is another method to monetize a blog. You can make money from blogging by selling advertising space on your website to advertisers to display their ads. This method works only if you have a lot of traffic. You will get paid to show ads for specified period of time, not for the number of clicks or impressions. For example, you set the price $100 for displaying ad on your website for one month.

There are some networks who offer this service. You can join them and start selling ad space on your website. Advertisers search for your site based on your niche and traffic. If it is suitable for them, you get the deal. Most popular networks are BuySellAds and BlogAds.

6- How to Monetize a Blog by Product Reviews

This is also very simple and most effective method. If you have an audience, you can write reviews about specific products or services related to your niche.

You can do this as an affiliate. Find products or services that are related to your niche from affiliate networks. Write the detailed review about any product or service. If you have loyal readers and they want your opinion about specific product or service. Why not giving them honest view?

7- Sell Your Own Product

If you have a product, there is always a buyer for that. You can sell your own product very easily through your website and make a lot of money. There are many bloggers who generate income by creating and selling their products or services.

It totally depends on your skills. There is a wide range of products both physical and digital. You can sell physical products like apparel, electronics, sports equipment etc. and digital products like eBooks, Software, applications etc.

8- How to monetize a Blog by Sponsored Posts

This is really a great way to make money from blogging. Once you have built quality traffic to your website and there is an audience who want to read your content. Now it is the time to post sponsored content. You will get paid by advertisers for publishing sponsored post that is relevant to their content.

There are many sites that pay you for that. These sites work as a marketplace and connect advertisers and publishers. Once you have signed-up with these sites, you can search for advertisers whom you want to work with.

Most popular sites are Sponsored Reviews and PayPerPost.

9- Membership Site

This is a unique way to generate income from a website. If you are a master in your niche and can create exclusive content. You can offer subscription or membership to your audience to view your premium content. You may charge some amount to give membership to viewers.

There are many sites who offer membership to their readers. They charge fixed amount for their premium content on the monthly or yearly basis. Hence, it is also a great method to make revenue from a website.

10- Sell your Site

Finally, you have created a blog or website and you do not want to run it by yourself for any reason. You still have an option to sell it for profit. There are some sites that help you to sell your website for a reasonable amount.

Flippa, Empire Flippers and We Buy Websites are popular sites to sell your website.

Above all are the most successful methods to generate money from your blog or website. I hope this article, “How to Monetize a Blog and Make Money from Blogging’’ will help you to achieve your goals.

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Originally published at netwaydigitalservices.com on November 15, 2016.