Meetup’s Brand New Brand

I’ve been a member of MeetUp since the early days of Howard Dean. Over the years I’ve probably been an organizer or co-organizer for about 15+ groups and have been a member of well over 50. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the people I’ve met through the social and business groups.

So it is with a sad heart that I’m announcing I’ve removed myself from ALL groups as a member and ALL groups as an organizer and deleted my credit card account from the system. I have one last event on March 8th that I’m committed to the members but after that I will officially delete my account.

For many of the reasons of the 100’s of people who voiced their opinions below and I’m sure for many who did not take the time to explain but just left MeetUp quietly.

I imagine you think everyone leaving are Conservative Republicans and many may indeed be, but now you’re only left with Liberal Democrats — how does this create an open dialogue when the only conversation you’re having now is with yourself?

Personally I choose not to talk politics on MeetUp, but just in case you’re wondering I’m a Libertarian and the path MeetUp has chosen concerns me.

I do not know who at MeetUp corporate headquarters decided to create a new meetup with a “#Resisit” mindset, encouraging people to join an “anti movement” i.e. build walls vs. bringing people together by building bridges and creating a movement of solutions and rather than “resisting against” something.

I wish you would have chosen a more positive approach… how about supporting something! Much more is accomplished in reaching out and spreading love and peace vs. hate and protest for the sake of protest…

You and I know in business (as in life) you can choose to tear down your competition or build your business. Time, money, resources and bandwidth is limited and I choose to be constructive not destructive.

I do not want to associate my personal brand or my business brand with this small thinking, short term mindset and I know of others leaving for the same reason.

Even from a strictly branding standpoint the “New” MeetUp home page graphics are a ‘Train Wreck” portraying a very cheery and cartoonish appearance in a friendly welcoming way, very approachable and inviting and yet… below the surface is one sided #Resist “anti welcoming” New Reality. Ironic and even the name “Resist MeetUp” is ironic.

If you know of another platform with a more positive approach please let me know.

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