Why Neil Patel Is Failing At Marketing
Nicolas Le Roux

Hey Nicolas… are your scrutinizing Neil to improve your self image and destroy his in the process? I don’t know if hes your competition or what, but I read a book called “How to Win Friends And Influence People”.

And this may be of value to you and everyone.

“never criticism, condemn or complain” — How to Win Friends And Influence People “aka (Dale Carnegie).

And I strive to follow these principles in that book.

So here is how I feel about Neil…

Neil Patel has free information that can help the little guy get rich, and YEAH help the rich get richer.

Neil probably has also made mistakes or maybe he need to follow a set of core values that are non- negotiable. So he doesn't contradict himself, IDK…

…because I’m also not the expert, I just want everyone to win.

Remember this…

“If you look for the negative you’ll find it, if you look for the positive you will also find it” — unknown

You’ve got dirt, i do, everyone does, I think its just the MORE POPULAR you are, more people will see it.

Just so you know…

If it weren't for Neil I wouldn’t know about “broken link building”, “long form content”, among many, many, other things… which have saved me money

So Neil may not have been 100% truthful… IDK, because I did’t take a bunch of time to scrutinize him.

I just took the advice he shared that I “could apply” and applied it.

And it worked…

Instead of scrutinizing him in the public, why not just fill in the gaps, with the “solutions” to the “problems” you notice “missing” in the marketplace?

And build a business around the value you’re sharing.

People will flock to you, if its in demand…

besides… No one is perfect, Including you, me or Neil)

….No human is without sin , so “let he without sin cast the first stone” — Jesus

I really just want everyone to succeed everywhere. So to your success Nicholas, to Neil's success, to all of your success, I bless you all, with my words, andI declare prosperity and abundance in your life…

Sincerely Kurt Astarita

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