JavaScript Weekend List #02

I’m trying something new. Every week I’ll try to come up with the list of most interesting articles, books, news, tutorials and videos about web development. I’ll be using this list to keep myself up-to-date on everything that’s going on in the JavaScript, Node and front end development community. This list may not have the most recent articles, but rather relevant content to stay sharp as a full stack developer.

1. The Lead Developer Conference in New York 2017

2. 10 React mini-patterns (by David Gilbertson)

React is just a view library and it leaves a lot of decisions up to the developers. Following common patterns and best practices is important. This blog covers some good patterns react developers can follow.

3. 19 things I learnt reading the NodeJS docs (by David Gilbertson)

A fun to read summary of hidden gems in Node.js and how some can improve their development workflow by using some less known features like net module or built-in IP address validation.

4. The Anatomy of a GraphQL Query (by Sashko Stubailo)

GraphQL 101, if you don’t like reading long and boring docs, this article summarizes basics of GraphQL queries and covers its terminology. Especially useful for beginners.

5. JavaScript Stack from Scratch

Starting a new project? Not sure which boilerplate to pick? Why not take time and understand how to build your own JavaScript stack and have full control how everything works from build process to CSS to deployment.

6. The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business

I started reading this book recently. It’s a great resource if your goal is to understand how businesses work without going back to school. As developers, we don’t pay enough attention to business side of software.

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