JavaScript Weekend List #04

This week React team announced v15.5 with some deprecation warnings that prepare developers before v16. Twitter has launched a new lite version of their web application as progressive web app, and it’s really fast and light weight.

CSS keeps getting closer to JavaScript with frameworks like styled jsx, postCSS and others getting more popular.

1. React v15.5.0

New minor version of React has been released. It includes few depreaction warnings PropTypes and CreateClass have been extracted into their own separate packages. No more support for React add-ons. React Test Utils is now deprecated too.

2. Preload, Prefetch And Priorities in Chrome

Great insight into how Chrome’s networking stack works to preload and prefetch some resources. Awesome tips how improve load time and app performance. Make the web faster, one app at the time.

3. The Glimmer VM: Boots Fast and Stays Fast

Continuing the topic of speed. Ember core developers took the time to explain the world why new Glimmer library is fast and compare it to React’s virtual DOM.

4. Build a “Serverless” Slack Bot in 9 Minutes with Node.js and StdLib

Ever wanted to build a slack bot. Not sure where to start? This is a step by step tutorial how to build a simple slack bot with Node.js. A small warning — it may take more than 9 minutes to go through the tutorial 👻

5. Architecture of Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite is a FAST client-side JavaScript application and a small, simple Node.js server. The server handles user authentication, constructs the initial state of the app, and renders the initial HTML application shell. This article describes what tools they used and why.

6. Webpack and Rollup: the same but different

Why React, Vue, Ember, Preact, D3, Three.js, Moment, and dozens of other well-known libraries use Rollup. So what’s going on? Why can’t we have just one JavaScript module bundler that everyone agrees on?

7. Video course: AWS Developer — An Introduction to AWS Lambda.

The course I’m watching now (this is not an ad for Pluralsight). AWS Lambda is such a cool concept. After I really understood what it is — there are so many possibilities. This is what can make your code “serverless”, btw.

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