Blue Sky Ideation


Idea generation/create game: 10/19–10/21

Session: 10/22

Top ideas: 10/23–10/24

Individual Idea Generation

The problem statement I chose is “How might plant owners get more light to their plants?”

I sketched 30+ rough ideas and compiled most of them into one document.

New Warm-Up Game

For warm ups we played zip-zap-zop, charades, and a new game where everyone put their music on shuffle for a couple songs and people had to guess what song was playing. This was a good way to break the ice because we all got to laugh at people’s guilty pleasure music.

Session Organization

I had four people over on Tuesday night after a session planned for Sunday fell through. The four people were my friends Aleezeh, Alex, and Zach (all college students between 19 and 21) along with Zach’s younger brother Mike (14). The college students are all in different fields — Aleezeh is in journalism, Mike is in finance, and Zach is in biology. Aleezeh didn’t want to be pictured and putting photos of a minor online is kind of weird, so I had them write their names on cards to identify themselves instead.

The brainstorming session ran for 3o minutes. The group was friendly and chatty, so much so that we only got 41 ideas down on paper. This equates to 0.34 ideas per minute per person.

Sorting and Voting

We did a blind sorting of all the ideas. They ended up divided into eight categories, pictured below. In order, they are automated solutions, natural solution(s), unconventional plant surfaces, sun in different forms, displays, sun lamp variations, reflective products, and altered plant biology.

Everyone then took their pen and marked an “X” on their five favorite ideas. Pictured are all the selected ideas grouped into one X, two X, and three X categories.

Top Ideas

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