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Just Excellent! Right on the mark. And I would suggest considering thoughts along the line of our new MIT Climate CoLab proposal — “Free Zero Carbon Energy Transition Requires Exposing The Willful Obstructionists” ( All this whining about what is not possible is just the product of ill-informed engineers and Willful Obstructionists. Anyone who understands technology KNOWS that once Net Zero Energy is “possible” (buildings w/PV+GHP, cars w/PV, etc), then the solution needed is just a function of applying the most economic combination of technologies to solve the problem. There are already a large number of combinations that could get us to 100% carbon free energy for all cities, with ALL of them dropping in price just like computer hardware. A positive solution is now inevitable … so long as we deal with The Willful Obstructionists and ill-informed engineers.

The ONLY argument right now is on cost … all other arguments involving feasibility are just foolish.