What start up ideas have in common with movies

What’s the difference between Terminator 1 and 2?

They were both based on similar and equally creative ideas about a machine coming to earth by traveling back in time to fight another machine about the outcome of the future.

Terminator 2 grossed over 5 times what Terminator 1 did. Terminator 2 was also critically more acclaimed and won 4 Oscars and was nominated for 6, while Terminator 1 was nominated for no Academy Awards. Terminator 2 is largely remembered as the much better movie, but both were based on the same idea.

I would argue that this is due to a much better execution in case of Terminator 2. The storyline was better, but also was the acting, editing, special effects and everything else that makes a movie great.

The same could be said for movies like Running Man or Idiocracy. Do you remember any of these?

Most people don’t. These movies were made around really interesting ideas that introduced new and creative concepts of thinking about the world, but still were not fun to watch. Why? Because even though the idea was good or brilliant even, the execution was poor. The story might have been told without engaging the audience, the video might have been bad or the editing afterwards didn’t make sense or made it hard to follow the story.

With start ups it’s the same. A brilliant idea is worth very little. It’s all about the execution and how to turn the idea into a product or service and a business.

Thanks to technology like AWS, Ruby on Rails costs for starting a tech business dropped drastically. That means everybody can easily have an idea and build a prototype. The hard part lies in doing it well. What is the editing and acting in movies is like getting the product right, getting the best people to build and market it well in the world of tech start ups.

The same goes for start ups. The execution is key. An idea without good execution is not worth much. You need to attack the problem from the right angle (storyline), have great people working on it (good actors) and excel in design and marketing (editing, special effects).

What movies (or startups) do you remember that were based on a great idea, but hard to watch, because they were so badly executed?