About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Tom and I run Yeast Head. I’m a home brewer and love fermenting beer (mostly). While I love beer and wine, I really like those little yeasts. They are magical turning liquids into beer, wine, and Kombucha. I even make my own yogurt, but that’s a bacterial process, which I’ll dive into as well too.

Give them some sugar in a solution, hide it away in a dark but warm place, and in a bit you get some alcohol or some other fermented goodie! Of course, I’m simplifying a lot of things but there is also reverence on the process of brewing and the DIY lifestyle.

Why this blog? Well I like to share and love raising a pint with new and old friends, hopefully we can raise one together one day. I’ll be sharing some of beer recipes, posting interesting links about yeast and brewing, teaching you how to create Gemütlichkeit at home, and just enjoying the lifestyle of good times.

Welcome and cheers!

Originally published at Yeast Head.