Beer Review — All Day IPA

These days I’ve shied away from drinking IPA’s. I opt for more complex tasting beers but I will make time for a great IPA. IPA’s bring me back to the days when I lived in the high desert, so a great IPA takes me down memory lane.

Nowadays every craft brewery (including my nano-homebrewery) makes an IPA. Some are decent but only a few are out of this world. The rest are just over hopped bottles of liquid bread.

Enter All Day IPA

I bought a six pack of All Day IPA the other day because of it’s hop bouquet. Someone I knew had one open and I could smell an inviting citrus aroma, so I decided to give this a try.

The sad news is that the taste didn’t live up to my expectations. Brewed by Founders Brewing, All Day IPA falls into the Session Ale category. It’s a 4.7% ABV IPA with about 47 IBUs, which attempts to balance alcohol and bitterness in a way that will allow you drink more in one sitting.

The citrus nose invited me in but it was the back taste that kills this session ale. The chosen hop quantity, type, and likely boil time gives this a very unpleasing bitterness as it goes down. The body and mouthfeel on this beer is good, which is why I’m pretty disappointed. This IPA had promise but it let me down.

What went wrong

Everyone’s tastes are different but I’ve always been a picky eater/drinker. The beer body was great as well as the aroma, it was the hop schedule that bothered me. Founders Brewing doesn’t publish their recipe but someone Brewer’s Friend shared a homebrew clone recipe, which appears to have come from the Zymurgy magazine

I haven’t brewed this clone myself but the problem I see lies in the heavy use of Amarillo hops. They used Amarillo during the last part of the boil (A OK) but they also used it during whirpooling and dry hopping. Amarillo reminds me a lot of Centennial hops, good bittering but overpowering if used too much.

Score: 75

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Originally published at Yeast Head.