Dear Friend,

We interrupt the regularly schedule machine learning posts with the following. Best read while listening to Pink Floyd’s Time.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

I’ve wasted too many hours daydreaming about places I’d go or things I would do. I always had excuses.

‘Not enough money’ or ‘I have no one to go with.’ Just excuses.

I would even delude myself in thinking that I wouldn’t have the time. There always was time, and plenty of it.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.

5 years gone by, then 10, then 20. My 30 year high school renuion is coming. Where does the time go?

I’ve had loved ones and friends die since then. I’ve seen my children born. I’ve seen friend’s children graduate from high school. Where did the time go?

No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

I look in the mirror and look at old photographs. I see someone in that mirror that looks like an older version of the young man in the photo. Older, perhaps wiser?

I had my adventures when I was young and I made mistakes. I’m living a magical life and I still make mistakes. I look back at the time I’ve wasted and feel angry.

I feel stupid. I should’ve spent more time writing, or hiking, or laughing with friends.

Not enough money to travel? I had a bicycle, I could ride further! Or walk. There always is way when the road beckons. We are natural born explorers.

Home / Home again / I like to be here / When I can

Home. My family. They are my rock, my center.

I have dogs. They spend their entire lives with us.

I recently watched a video, where they say “we measure our lives by our dogs.”

We remember those memories. The good ‘ol’ days.

They say time is money, but time is greater than money. You can always make money, but you can’t get time back.

Seek that wisdom. Learn it. Then use your time to the best of your ability.


To make more memories.


To make more photographs.


For more laughter.


For more adventure.


To live.

Originally published at www.neuralmarkettrends.com on October 12, 2018.