Golf and Drones

Source: Bayou Oaks Golf Course

Golf literally puts the image of people moving in a caddy hitting and chasing golf balls over 18 par holes. Golf course is a pinnacle of good horticulture practices and art to manage large plain lands. But what goes into that endless carpet of green to make it look so luscious and well- trimmed. With the average size of golf course in America being 60 acres, there is so much of data underlying under these huge sheets of grass for the ease and quick optimization of these large golf courses.

Reflectivity of Infrared

New Orleans city has recently announced its 24-million-dollar project to renew one of the largest golf courses from its 24 holes to 36 after it got hit by Katrina. Golf course host a whooping staff of 180 personnel that take care of the entire course and making sure the grass is always light green and the soil is never under its moisture content.

The advent of IoT connected devices and aerial photography can reduce this huge human deployment for maintaining golf courses. Neurobotics concentrates on efficiency and bringing out more precision and IoT based process. In the new series of drones unleased by the company have spectacular specification, increasing the market for American drone manufacturers. Based in Texas their AoX drone can autonomously traverse and stay in the air for 20 mins and scan huge plots of land in a matter of a few mins. The newer AoX series are equipped with new age NDVI filters, which enables them to look through the health of plants and plot out a complete graph for what your course is lacking and the location which needs more attention.

NDVI filters enable the AoX to give crisp real-time image of what the field is hosting, it can deliver everything from dried grass to insect. Thus, AoX can reduce the cost of operation for these course by reducing the amount of staff involved in this organization. Since this being a drone can be deployed more often than once a week, giving the golf courses a precise and accurate estimate of their grass, AoX can also process the irrigation through the grass and spot out places on the course which are not well watered.

- Nitesh Panchal, CTO, Neurobotics Inc