The art of product designing

Neu Robotics
Dec 21, 2017 · 4 min read

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a business or a product designer just starting out, this is a good place to start planning your stages of execution. In this specific article, we will be discussing how Neu Robotics helps other businesses with product design and implementation.
As a designer or innovator, you want your product to create the most impact on your target market. The beauty of a product designing is that you will have the opportunity to see your design bring a sense of amazement and accomplishment to your client. Over the last few years of consulting and designing products, we have learned a few tricks of the trade and are going to share it with you.

1.Know your client:

To design a well-made product, you must understand the client who wants to make it because you are the one who is going to materialize his dream. You need to make your client feel as comfortable he can with his ideas and money, for doing this we enforce a shared development SCRUM tools with additions like Gantt charts to plot out their future timeline. If its a product that requires for you to be on the field testing with them, its the best opportunity as you get to know their target customer too. This interaction with the client shouldn’t be only in some specific phase of the development but should rather be at every step. As a designer, you must make them understand every process that will go into accomplishing such tasks and will give them a higher standard of trust and assurance that their product is in the right hands.

Trello @ Neu Robotics

2. Time > Money:

Time is much more valuable than money because you can use your time to make money, but you can’t use the money to purchase more time. At Neu Robotics we value our clients time and aggressively compete for delivering a product to them. Nothing can upset a client as much as for late delivery of the idea. Hence it is always necessary for a designer to be always transparent about timeline to the client and take into consideration procurement time, manufacturing time or solely designing time. This time constraint at the end also defines the man hours you would want to spend on this specific project. Being a bit pessimist will allow you to evaluate your time much more specifically and accounting for uncalled or unaccounted plans.

3. Never stop improving:

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection -Mark Twain

Product development is a direct function of improvements and time for them to be implemented. For a pleased customer and a complete solution, it is very important for a designer to constantly keep digging into their design for changes. The hierarchy of changes should pour down from Utility to Ergonomics to Aesthetics of the product. This hierarchy doesn’t change with respect to whether it be a software or hardware-based project. These processes need to heavily oriented towards the end consumer or the client. At Neu Robotics we strive for such perfection through constant engagement and perseverance for a flawless product.

4. Present better:

One of the major problems with clients is a way to present them with seamless visualization of their product, in case software development it may be called as staging but in hardware its prototyping. With so many possibilities in this age we make it possible for us to deliver the idea to the client in various formats like videos, animations and images instead of formats like legacy file formats. Our clients have been able to share this and get feedback from people about this and found it very helpful cause we have been able to give them hard prototypes to software based images and files for them to follow their product cycle. It is also helpful if you can document these changes as per revisions, so it is easier for the client to track and retrace any previous iteration which were favorable.

At Neu Robotics, we have managed to create drones and other services which have developed from napkin sketches to reality for many individuals we have worked with. Hope this article makes sense to you and helps you and me both deliver better products.

— Nitesh Panchal

Chief Technical Officer at Neu Robotics

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