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The idea that we as a society are somehow less able to take a joke is absurd. Isn’t that the “point” of humor? Putting uncomfortable thoughts and ideas out in the open to be confronted and provoke an emotional response? In my opinion, what’s changed is that historically marginalized groups can now make their opinions known about certain things. By extension, people from these groups who can’t take a joke are now being heard. There are still plenty of people from all groups who find humor that could be considered “at their expense” very funny. Milliondollarextreme wasn’t mentioned, but that is some seriously hilarious offensive shit that never would’ve existed even 10 years ago. And Adult Swim is giving them a TV show! The premise that people can’t take a joke anymore is false. There’s just more unfunny people who feel comfortable enough to voice their stupid opinion, which is a good thing.

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