The NeuroChain Test Net installation procedure.

How does it work? We have 2 methods to setup your Bot and make transactions.

Choose ONE only !

1. Docker

2. Ubuntu 18.04 ( from source)

If you had an any issue during the installation process , please create a ticket issue on GitLab:

The access to your wallet & the block explorer:


Install with Docker

 — Docker installation on your computer.

Docker installation:

You don’t have docker on your computer! Don’t worry, you can install it with docker for beginners.

How to install your bot:

Now that you have docker, you can install a NeuroChain bot on your machine.

Our docker image will install:
 — A NeuroChain Bot

- A wallet interface

  • A block explorer interface

Let’s run our docker container to start your NeuroChain Bot:

docker run -dt --restart always -p 1337:1337 -p 8080:8080

Ubuntu 18.04 Installation

 adduser bot

Type visudo and add the command as in the screen above:

%bot ALL=(ALL) ALL

Ctrl O
Ctrl X

su - bot
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install -y git cmake build-essential libssl-dev mongodb-server
git clone
cd core
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake -build .

information: Build is successful

cd src
./main -c bot.json

Congratulation you completed the installation.

You had an issue during the installation process?

Please create a ticket issue on GitLab

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