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First of all, the entire list could be JCVD movies but Bloodsport, in particular, had a whole generation of young boys trying to do the splits. Universal Soldier has had like 100 sequels so it must have some relevance or audience dedication.

For me, the best bad movie of all time is Above the Rim. In high school, I used to watch this movie like once a week. At one time, I had the whole movie memorized. I also stole Kyle Lee Watson’s (Duane Martin’s) back-to-the-defender-behind-the-back-crossover-spin(ish) move. I eventually altered it to a side-to-the-defender-reverse-through-the-legs-dribble-into-a-half-spin move to protect the ball but nonetheless, that movie was amazing. It had an awesome soundtrack. It had Leon ballin in pants. It had Leon playing one-on-none without a ball. It had the funniest Wayans Bro. It had Rucker Park-style tournament with 8-foot rims. It had Gina-from-Martin’s husband. It had Bernie Mac as Flip the homeless baller. It had a basketball hoop on the edge of a building’s roof which, along with his mad hops and competitive spirit, led to Nutso falling unnecessarily to his tragic death and it had so *many more superlatively bad elements that it should be on the Mount Rushmore of Good Bad Movies. BTW, I looked it up and Commando has a 70% on Rotten Tomatoes — I thought it was an omission for sure but apparently, it’s a good movie. Alissa Milano was the first love of my life so I agree.

*grammarly says this should be “much more…”. It doesn’t sound right to me.

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