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I always reserve judgment on what Kentucky players can and cannot do. They rarely have the opportunity to showcase all their abilities because of the wealth of talent around them. Playing at Kentucky can enhance the value of one-dimensional players while masking the varied dimensions of another player’s game. Throughout his prep career, Malik Monk was known as basket attacking scorer/shot creator and decent but streaky shooter. At Kentucky, as the teams best outside option, it was necessary for him to mostly bomb away from behind the 3-point line. Not only because Fox was only effective offensively with the ball in his hands but also because Kentucky desperately needed the spacing Monk’s shooting or the threat thereof provided.

It is possible that Bam suffers from Kentucky-Dimensional-Distortion-Syndrome too and will be (or already is) able to leverage his lightness on his feet into a decent face-up game. If you watch his pro-day film (I know, I know, little stock should be placed into pro-day film), he not only shot really well from 3-point range but looked good doing it. His mechanics showed drastic improvement. If Bam can hit the 3 his athleticism will be more apparent than ever because he’ll be able to attack the with a head of steam and forward momentum instead of the one or no-step explosion he displayed playing with his back to the basket at Kentucky. While he’ll probably never have Blake Griffin’s feel for the game, he has comparable athleticism and coordination and his shooting appears to be much further along than Blake’s was. The hope is The Heat allow him to develop his wing talents and that Riley’s fondness for the “good ole days” of back to the basket hoops don’t impede his face up development.

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