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My guess is that Curry and Durant consulted each other about their respective deals. I imagine the conversation went something like this.

KD: Steph, since your last contract paid you $44M over the previous four years and in the span of that contract you have won two MVPs, two championships, two All-NBA first teams, two All-NBA second teams, won a scoring title, led the league in steals, started four All-Star games, hit an ungodly number of threes, changed the way the whole league plays basketball and because your small (relatively speaking) contract made it possible for me and others to sign here and win my first championship and because I signed one of the largest endorsement contracts ever, I will sacrifice for at least this year and if we win again maybe next year too so that we can keep this team together.

Steph: Okay, thanks. Did you hear that we are giving Nick Young $5.2 million next year?

KD: I think I will play with LeBron in LA in 2018/2019.

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