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A number of years ago I took my (now) wife to see Adam Ant in concert (like, 2013, not 1983). I held my phone up for about 3 full minutes, as many people were, to record a bit of the show. I had done it before, recording or snapping pics. In that moment, I recalled something someone else had said about living in the moment — so I put my phone away and enjoyed the rest of the show, phone tucked away.

I don’t take my phone canoeing or anyplace that might potentially damage it. Otherwise, I take it everywhere and snap pics as often as I can, which is never nearly often enough, because we now have the ability to capture moments that might seem futile, but will later be precious memories.

The Internet isn’t a distraction, it’s information. Should someone preoccupy themselves with that information to the point of uselessness, that isn’t an inherent flaw of the tool, which is what the internet and our phones are.

So, thanks for the suggestion but, no, I won’t get off the internet. It doesn’t pose a problem for me and, in fact, enhances my quality of life quite nicely.

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