Oh, White Women
Farrah Bostic

Good work :) one more step in elevating women’s consciousness to the fact that She has Herstory, completely independent of the isolated imprisonment of oppressive patriarchal dominance. White sisters who are deluded by those cushy gilded cages their good ol’ white boys keep them locked up in live in an altered, fear-based reality perpetrated with the toxic fuel of low self worth and low self esteem, valued only for their ability to be used by the patriarchy for it’s own gain and agenda, and in principle, are treated the same as cows, pigs, chicken and sheep in the animal farming industry. Women of color, without white privilege, see this with greater clarity, and are our most powerful leaders. Imagine, if you will, the white male supremacist on his hospice deathbed being told that God is a Black woman, and he’s on his way to meet Her. Watch his eyes.

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