“At least…” is the death of democracy

As the head of the executive branch, the President of the United States should be held to the highest possible standard. I don’t mean any bullshit about likability or personal habits, I mean in the sense of what they bring to their job.

And now, as these nominations are being pushed back — despite having been scheduled in a way deliberately designed to undermine independent review and publication of conflicts — “At least.”

At least RFK Jr. is some manner of liberal.

At least Tillerson is selling his stock.

At least General John Kelly has come out against a registry based ‘only’ on religion.

At least, at least, at least.

This is how things become normalized. This is how our rights are eroded.

It was an intense campaign of phone calls and denouncements by prominent ethics groups — including Judicial Watch, an organization set up specifically to criticize Obama — that preserved the OGE.

Never become complacent. Never think that one medium-bright speck of red star makes up for the billion points of corruption and dark money that are pervading this administration like never before, thanks to Citizens United.

Am I saying that you have to be unhappy to fight for what’s right?

Well, yes. To some degree. Obviously if it’s a matter of mental health, don’t do these things.

But, you know what? It might be a matter of mental and physical health to do nothing.

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