I didn't claim that there was no evidence.
Svetlana Voreskova

We’re agreed there. Plenty of solid evidence that was dismissed in favor of the emotional appeal.

I pointed out blanket grant freezing at the EPA — which, by the way, initially included payments for January, so work that people had already been doing all month — and your response was that that was the standard in academia. It isn’t.

A lot of people fuck up the right approach to inclusivity — thankfully most of them don’t venture off the Internet — but stories like the one told in ‘Hidden Figures’ are an easy example of how this is supposed to work. ‘Hidden Figures’ isn’t discrediting the achievements of the astronauts and engineers we’ve been praising for years, it’s adding to the narrative by telling an additional and important story.

Why exactly is it all of the ‘progressive left’ and only the ‘political right’? If you’re opposed to virtue signalling, I would expect you to moderate your own tone as well.

The right-wing “war on science” — which, yes, is a fundamental attack on the validity of science — has had momentum since at least Reagan. Unfortunately, Big Tobacco and then Big Oil have inserted themselves into right-wing media. If they had inserted into the left, we’d have the opposite situation, and in fairness Big Pharma’s and “alternative medicine” have done a great job of encouraging the left wing conspiracy theorists.

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