Getting Started With Neuwly.

So you’ve decided to give Neuwly a shot but aren’t sure how to get started. In this post we give you great ideas on how to discover all the things you’d love to do, add them to your list, and get your friends involved.

  1. Go to Discover Page and Start Building Your Lists.

Warning: This can get addicting.

Scroll through our list or search for things that you would like to add. Once you see something you’d like to do or have done, simply click on the icon to add it to your list. If you’ve done it before, click on the “add to triumphs” button, add the date you did it, and done! If you would like to add something to your list simply click on “add to my list” and it automagically goes into your list for review later!

2. Invite Friends to be involved in Neuwly.

Everything is more fun with friends. Especially Neuwly. Currently our add friends feature is based on their email addresses. Simply head over to the invite friends page in your profile and start sending them invites to join Neuwly.

First, click on your name.

Then scroll to the bottom and invite friends. Easy!

Maybe your friends have already joined Neuwly or there’s others you’d like to follow. Simply click on Find Friends in the footer.

Then search for them.

It’s incredibly easy and takes Neuwly to a new level. As the people you follow work on their lists you will see these things show up in your activity feed allowing you to encourage, comment and even join them on their next adventure.

3. Do Stuff.

We’re here to help dream and do. Pick something from your list that’s easy and invite a few of your friends to do it. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to do something when you feel accountable to your friends.

Give it a shot. We think you’ll like it.

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