Part 3

Use Case: Customer Relationship Network

In Part 2 of our Graph Technology mini-series we introduced you to the idea of an internal company network and its benefits. In this article we want to take a step outside and give you an idea what staying in touch with your customers could look like with nevaal. The main idea is to connect the teams of your company with the teams of your customers in a social network.

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The market researchers of IDC have shown that for 72% of all B2B buyers knowledge gathered through social networks is part of their decision-making. Data published by the federal statistical office of Germany confirms the important role of social networks in sales: 73% of major companies use social media in their sales strategy. …

Part 2

Use Case: Internal social network

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In this article we want to introduce you to the idea of using an internal social network based on graph technology. That means the workers of a company can get in touch with each other, discover new counterparts or discuss work topics in a sparse social environment.

Nevaal maps contain several features that lets workers get in touch with each other. Additionally we add analytic functions so that the companies can make use of the upcoming data.

  • Problem solving: The users can ask other users for help in solving a work-related problem.
  • Ideas and input generating: Users can store materials like scientific articles, newspaper articles, tutorial videos or drafts in topic-related folders and can share it with specific users or groups. …

Part 1

Need for insights in times of corona

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During the corona crisis governments and companies have seen that some of their processes are not working as before and that broader insights are necessary to develop sustainable collaboration and production in the future. Deeply understanding the dynamics of how countries, communities, governments and companies are connected can be key in answering pressing questions like:

  • “How can companies plan their supply chains to be protected from external shocks like Corona?”
  • “What universities and institutions should collaborate to effectively find a vaccine?”
  • “How can companies organize their remote workforce effectively?”
  • “How do companies build strong support networks for times of distress?” …

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When hearing the word “incubator”, many people’s thoughts will go directly to small feathery flappers and hatching eggs. Although the core mechanics are similar, we will be talking about a different kind of incubator in this blog. This article will focus on the business model of an incubator and its network.

To make sure we are all on the same page here, let me first explain the concept of incubators. They are usually large, non-profit organisations that support start-ups with different services. These provided services range from helping the businesses with basic requirements to networking activities, etc.

The most significant trait of incubators however, is that they often provide office space and equipment, so that the start-ups are able to physically place themselves inside the incubator to work there efficiently (so indeed not too different from hatching an egg). …

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Let us start this article with a good piece of honesty.

It’s called “Analytics For Dummies” for a good reason. While I certainly don’t mean to insult any of my dear readers, I do want to clarify that this article features only a very basic explanation of what network analytics are and what benefits they bring. I myself am not a professional in this matter, which is why I am well prepared to write a text meant for beginners.

There is no need to be afraid of complicated technical terms or confusing logical problems. …

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I joined nevaal two months ago as a Marketing intern. I chose this startup to pursue my summer internship as I wanted to get a glimpse of how a company works in its starting phases. And till this day it has been a great experience. My day starts with a daily standup meeting where we update our team members about the goals we have achieved since the last standup meeting and discuss the things we are working on and get inputs to make it better. My boss Lea, who is the CEO has established an open working culture in the firm and gives her employees complete freedom on how the task needs to be done. Lea is very open to inputs and she likes it when I disagree on things with valid reasons. I often have to collaborate with Corvin, (he is the CTO) on technical things like website optimization, etc. …

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