But “these are media articles, not peer reviewed scientific papers.

First of all there was as much consensus about the coming ice age among scientists in the 70’s as there is consensus today among scientists about the fraudulent global warming. Plus there was zero mention of global warming in that era.


In the thirty years leading up to the 1970s, available temperature recordings suggested that there was a cooling trend. As a result many scientists suggested that the current inter-glacial period could rapidly draw to a close, which might result in the Earth plunging into a new ice age over the next few years. This idea could have been reinforced by the knowledge that the smog that climatologists call ‘aerosols’ — emitted by human activities into the atmosphere — also caused cooling.

Also this: Some scientists have high confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which includes more than 1,300 scientists from the United States and other countries, forecasts a temperature rise of 1.5 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century.

I really don’t think a rise of 1.5 degrees is worth spending a trillion dollars on to make it only rise .5 degrees over the next century.On top of that 70% of greenhouse gases are being sent aloft in China and they are zero concerned about global warming. What should we do? Bomb their factories? I think not.

And there’s this recent news.


September 12,2015

Growing number of scientists are predicting global cooling: Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: ‘We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200–250 years’

Danish Solar Scientist Svensmark declares ‘global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning…enjoy global warming while it lasts’

New paper by Russian solar physicist by Habibullo Abdussamatov predicts another Little Ice Age within the next 30 years

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on declining global temps: ‘Has the Obama administration, the EPA or anyone that can read a chart actually looked at what global temperatures are now doing?’

Climate Scientist Prof. Anastasios Tsonis at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Predicts: ‘I would assume something like another 15 years of leveling off or cooling’

Prominent geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook warns ‘global COOLING is almost a slam dunk’ for up to 30 years or more

Australian Astronomical Society warns of global COOLING as Sun’s activity ‘significantly diminishes’

I know you’re intelligent. I just ask that you consider all sides before accepting the idiocy put out by Obama,Gore and the left-wingnuts.