The “Latinx” War on Mexicanidad

“Latinx” advocates seek to rid the United States of its Mexicanidad
Neofascists want to rebrand this Chicano and Mexican American movement as a “Latinx” event, part of the campaign to ethnically cleanse the United States of its Mexican heritage.
Neofascist Arlene Dávila wipes away Chicano and Mexican American history by falsifying history.
Scharrón-del Río asserts white privilege to bully Latinos of color in capitulating to her “Latinx” campaign to neocolonize Hispanics of indigenous descent.
Richard Rodríguez repudiates any effort to establish a caste system among Latinos in the Hispanic diaspora in the United States.
Neofascist Arlene Dávila is the self-appointed arbiter of what is or isn’t “Latinx.”



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