How to Deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry on AWS Flawlessly
Imesh Gunaratne

Hey Imesh, great overview of PCF installation on AWS. Things have gotten a bit better for “resource-conscious” developers. There is a “Small Footprint PAS” version instead of standard full HA enterprise (production grade) runtime.

Check out details here:

Essentially, few of these jobs (VMs) get collocated on the same VM. Effectively, we cut down to only 4–5 VMs for Pivotal Application Service / PAS (see quoted article above for details) — and add OpsMan and Bosh Director VMs for a total of 6–7 VMs.

Things are even simpler on Azure — there is a button push and recreates entire environment for you, including Azure Service Broker for accessing native Azure services (blobstore, sqlserver, documentdb, etc…)

See more details for Azure Marketplace PCF offering here:

How did you like the developer experience of pushing apps, scaling apps, resiliency of the apps, logging, service marketplace, etc…