Looks like you have a lot you want to say. Let us know when you write your own piece.
Eric Olsen

Alert: Everyone

*New Piece*

Looks like that’s a common response from you.

Eric, you fail to realize, a comment and response is an own piece .

I just alerted everyone to this one as well.

Response of My Piece

I wrote my piece on how the premise of your post was misguided and full of error. It includes the unfortunate nature of how your good intentions are not correlated with facts, objective observations, or thorough analysis.

To be clear, you single-handedly are being responsible for perpetuating ignorance. You do it again when you try to dismiss helpful comments that bluntly show the error of your ways. It’s indicative of your motive, which isn’t to show truth.

Perhaps you’re being defensive, which is understandable given the amount of effort and time you must have spent and underlying emotions it must have taken to commit to such an article to begin with.

It doesn’t have to be all wasted effort, you can use what you’ve learned to be more thorough and objective.

Realize, in being dismissive and not recognizing error that you are no longer a reporter and instead a columnist. — I’m a fan of your technique and want to be a fan of your work when it’s correct.

Let us know when you make an edit.