With joy I am canceling men as in Neverender, out of my psyche.

I choose the good, the funny, the future beings of our troubled little world without the blather from pathetic little twerpy chest thumps such as this “man”. But John Devore, now here is a guy who is worthy to spend time with my family. And we will have a lot of fun.

I feel I have already addressed your point, when I stated:

Agreeing with women will buy you points. It will probably get you likes from all sorts of women. It’s a great way to be that empathetic individual that understands. That might be what you’re after, but that doesn’t make you a man.

It’s fine if you choose John Devore; I don’t judge you, or assert that you should listen to me. Your personal life is your own business, so do whatever tickles your fancy. I proclaim, please proceed with caution or at least with this bit of wisdom:

  1. When the proverbial shit hits the fan, that is when you find out how worthless boys are. “Shit” can be anything from attractive women, to burglars, to war, to debt, to any sense of adversity that challenges condition. Boys buckle under the pressure that men are left to deal with.
  2. A “man” that tends to not act as what we consider the traditional man, often is operating in disguise with the cunning of a conartist. This is the direct behavior (the wolf in sheep’s clothing) that feminist take issue with. 
    They tend to prey on your weakness and sensibilities, until you’re in a dependent position in which they exploit that weakness. Maybe not all guys do this, but it’s been witnessed that certain ones do— We call them the side-swipers; they come in from the side, like a peer, a friend, and take advantage of that friendship and abusing that trust.

Enabling this behavior leads to the exact thing you express issue with — have fun with your family ;)