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Seeing how an overwhelming majority of Americans identify as Christian, then that is all you needed to say in this passage.

Let’s Ignore the Christian Remark

For the purpose of argument, let’s ignore the Christian statistic, which would be so large its like making a claim that there a large potion of male/female voters that vote Trump — (duh?).

The way you worded your claim (not fact) suggests that there are a lot of ‘alt-right’, racist, and misogynists in the United States; a large portion, in fact. — Huh? What?

Where did you get your facts? How many of these 60M? What is your definition of a large portion?


I’m calling bullshit on this post. Even at its heyday the KKK registry shows 1–4M people nationally registered.

That’s when it was most popular to openly support a white supremacist group. It’s public transparency and popularity also meant those that believed in the cause most likely registered with the organization and weren’t only ghost supporters. So the registration more-or-less represented the totality.

A number in the millions is impressive, but still not a large portion. To this day, there are about 5,000 registered KKK supporters. It isn’t as popular to support this openly, so that registration number may be less than those that may support their message; however, that doesn’t put the number back in the millions. It might be 10–15K that support the KKK.


I also would take offense to the fact that you lumped Christian voters in with racist and misogynists; as if Christians are terrible people. That’s like lumping Muslims in a statement with pig-fuckers. It’s an irresponsible association and evidence that you didn’t put much thought into the claim you were making or the details that you chose to support it. Your biases show.


Continuing the exclusion of Christians, perhaps I’m wrong in understanding your point. After all, you are very contradictory in how you made your point.

Theres a large portion … then … I don’t think that group is large enough. This all falls back to your definition of large, since it’s a relative word that is useless when used so flippantly and inexactly.

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