Thanks James, for putting into a coherent form the outrage that so many of us are feeling.

Another prototypical conformist…

You know what I’m saying. The kind of conformist that joins with some empathetic leftist cause, not realizing you are the crazy ones that bought into that cause (like Scientology)… and believe that the rest of the world is crazy because they haven’t.

You realize those same causes you sign up for are against the NRA simply be cause it’s Left vs Right — i hope you do. Liberal media will forever be against NRA and Koch brothers.

I’m making assumptions here, but only because I’ve been led to. Because, you said, “You’ve had years to prove that arming citizens will make us safer and your experiment has failed.” And this isn’t true, on so many levels:

  1. There was no experiment. Whatever led you to believe that there was is odd. The 2nd amendment serves to protect people from a tyrannical government. If there ever was an “experiment” then I would say it’s been a success — there hasn’t been a tyrannical government since 1789 when that amendment was passed.
  2. Do you ever notice how the cities with the tighter gun laws, seem to have extremely high rates of gun violence; New York, Baltimore, Chicago, DC to name a few. 
    When a town in Florida introduced a Castle doctrine, enabling a person’s ability to shoot someone on their property, the town found that crime (violent and non-violent) went down dramatically. If anything… that was an experiment. That was a successful experiment to prove that gun ownership and open-carry are effective, natural deterrents.
  3. Guns don’t just make us safer, they keep us safe. When Katrina occurred and the police turned on its citizens and people raped, murdered, stole, and vandalized others and others’ property; the people that were armed had less incidents. Such an event could happen on a much larger scale. A bad solar flare, hurricane, flood, tornado, earth quake, asteroid… could wipe out our crops and leave us hunger-stricken, fending for ourselves and warding off our enemies. Your right to protect yourself, your family, and your property is much more important than you think. Your need to do so may be from the same person you borrow sugar from, or could be from a twisted, future government. Let’s hope we never need to, but let’s not cripple ourselves and negate the possibility.
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