I’m a man, just like you.
John DeVore

Are you, though?

This article wreaks of sniveling, millennial, sissiness that doesn’t know what it takes to be a man. The type of person that is easily “offended” and lacks any sort of conviction. Like someone that might be offended by the word “sissy”.

You want to be called a man? What have you ever given up? What have you done? When have you stood up?

Seriously. What have you given up? Have you been sent to battle? Have you slaved all day at work, putting up with bosses, not replacing your hole-ridden loafers so you could buy your woman or kids the things they want?

What makes you a man? I see a boy that has conformed to the times, that doesn’t wear pants. Being a man isn’t about being right, it’s about standing confident and protecting your loved ones from threats first, especially when no one else will. First is the operative word, because we all know women are capable; but men should be willing to sacrifice their own safety before that of their loved ones.

Agreeing with women will buy you points. It will probably get you likes from all sorts of women. It’s a great way to be that empathetic individual that understands. That might be what you’re after, but that doesn’t make you a man.