What the Hell Just Happened?
Dave Pell

Boring, off-putting, accusatory, and more speculative opinions. More leftists acting leftists. sigh. It never ends.

When are people going to learn? Everyone seems to have an answer and a take on what happened. “I know what happened. Believe me. We think the same — you agree with me. Recommend me. We are right. We’re so smart. (echo chamber)” Constant bickering.

I was in an Uber today and people couldn’t stop making complaints and sniffing their own asses. Seriously, stop and record yourselves — play it back. It’s annoying as fuck. If Trump actually makes America “great again” I hope that includes silencing whiners.

I love the celebrities that say they have to stop politicizing everything and making public statements. I love the celebrities that say, ‘don’t treat hate with hate.’ I love the analysts that recognize there is more to the story and maybe that Trump isn’t a racist (at least not without sufficient evidence). People being responsible by example — that’s terrific!

There are people that know when to STFU… for everyone else there’s Mastercard.

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