Thank you Neverender for single handedly proving this article correct.
Claire Renee Kohner

By questioning what constitutes a person from declaring they are a man?

I’ll bite. How does questioning a person’s characterization and damning an oversensitivity a proof that this “article” (opinionated blog rant) is correct? And why would you get to describe what a man is over me?

Women Have the Only Say?

Given the nature of this post, should we blindly recommend what you are saying because you are a “female”? So every female is correct in their interpretation of what a man is? How about the ones that are in complete disagreement with you?

Clarity in Manhood

I think the only thing we may be able to agree on is that you are not a man. You ensured that when you started to not act like a man, and then.. well…when you literally cut off your penis.

No offense (or pure offense — I don’t care because taking offense is up to the person and I don’t want to deny that from you), but when it comes to confusion over genderism and what is and is not considered manly, I think my history is a lot less flip-floppish as yours.

Do You Really Want to Go There?

Back to my response, which you replied to. You’ll notice the majority of what I wrote were questions and less accusations. While questions can be loaded or leading, they are still questions and if not rhetorical should be answered — don’t judge and condemn me for asking the questions that you didn’t. I’m not the omnipotent all-knowing and I doubt you are either.

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