Perhaps what matters most is that vendors accept Nims as a legitimate payment.
Forget Bitcoin, Our Future is Moneyless
Andrew Chakhoyan

How does a unit of time equate? This suggests that a unit of one consumer’s time is equivalent to a unit of another consumer’s time. A romantic notion, but I disagree.

By the way, IBM mainframes back in the day were shared resources that required people to log in. They required a TSO (time share option) account. TSO went from time to time + resources used, showing that time wasn’t enough; effort/cost had to be accounted for.

Some consumers are smarter, quicker, faster, stronger. There is a false equivalence of time in tasks and units. But I guess, the point being made is that time will be a currency and the concept of transactions (with variate pricing and costs) will not change.

Curious how they’ll integrate artificial intelligence, which be performing much of the work/output.

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