Your repeated incorrect usage of both pronouns and conjugations of “transgender” suggest otherwise, even if you don’t want to admit it. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a matter of basic respect.
Except they are, even if people aren’t explicitly doing so.
Shauna Gordon

I already stated how I feel about people taking offense to things. I don’t care. Their feelings only matter to me when I feel they matter to me. Otherwise, it’s really up to them to deal with regarded offense.

If I’ve offended you, it’s your right to discontinue correspondence. I have my own way of labeling what I refer to and it is polite enough for me — if you prefer, I’ll go back to “trannys”. Its the same thing. I’m tired of jumping from some special interest minority group sect to other special interest minority group sect that change the way they want to be referred.

I’ve spent far too long shifting words because of the undertones they carry. Words don’t change the people do and I can go on about how I am tired of people deciding their way is correct and wanting others to bend to their will and their reality.

I really don’t care if you call me miss or ma’am or hombre or man or chica or boss or honkey or bro or babe. What’s in a name?

Intent is the key that unlocks the action.

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