My fellow delegate Monica Wulff, tired of the platitudes, raised her hand to ask a question specifically about Australian start-ups. They talked around her question. She asked again. They basically brushed her off. Then I, a youngish white male, asked the same question — and they finally answered it.
I’m so tired and I’m not even a woman.
William Stubbs

I can’t say this specifically as I lack the context and the details of the circumstance, but could you say you may be sensitive (perhaps overly) to some of what you’ve experienced, such that cases like the one above may be innocent and not directly/indirectly related to sex nor gender?

For instance, not wanting to talk about a topic for various reasons. That happens. A person can usually skimp out on a question two times, a third time (even from same person) generally gets a response. This is intensified when interest comes from more than one person, showing a greater desire from an audience/group/crowd.

It’s tough for me, the reader, to relate this particular example as being indicative of sexism.

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