If you think any woman would LIKE that type of behavior you are sadly misinformed and out of touch…
M Samost

If you think any woman would LIKE that type of behavior you are sadly misinformed and out of touch with women

I can’t speak for you, but I don’t know those type of women that partake in those social circles. They’re out of my league.

From what I know of people like Wendi Deng, formerly Rupert Murdoch’s spouse and now dating Vladimir Putin, I can understand that things operate a little differently in the upperclass compared to us common folk.

All of it, from passtime events to what is considered acceptable with regards to social rules. I go to dinner for a date, they go to France. I buy a stock, they buy a company. I lend my keys, they lend their G6. I take off a week for vacation, they work a week.

There are socialite women that gravitate to the fame/fortune/sexappeal of men (and vice-versa). So yes, I will say that there are women that like that, just not any that I associate with.

Trump never said the women didn’t like it because it doesn’t matter to him

I lost myself between things I was simultaneously reading and watching — I miswrote. I meant to say that Trump never said it happened or that he actually did them.

Guys say a lot of things girls don’t like; girls say a lot of things that guys don’t like; coworkers say a lot of things that bosses don’t like. Doing it in private is a way of functioning without debilitating those around you. Privacy and the ability to say something is important, possibly to the human condition.

Trump boasted that fame yields sexual abilities. I don’t see why that’s a surprise. Are we really upset with what he said, or how he said it? Fame, fortune, attractiveness.. they all award certain social luxuries that normal individuals can’t partake in.

Out of all the things that Hillary and Trump have done, this is the thing that is causing such a stir? C’mon. This is a liberal media rous. Though, the conversation about rape and rape-culture is not a joke. So if we’re going to focus on it, Trumps mentality can be considered, but the primary focus should be on Hillary’s actions especially regarding rape.

I don’t like Hillary, for many reasons, but I like Trump less.

I don’t vote on who I’d like to have a beer with. I’m not interacting with this person on a daily basis. It’s never been a popularity contest for me. Though, I think it has been for others, which may be why Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barry Obama were elected.

I don’t think you were using like in that manner, but just wanted to be clear as many voters turn the election into a popularity contest. The polished, more eloquent speaker tends to win over the nerd and subject matter experts — sad.

It’s a horrible situation when these are the 2 people, our cream of the crop, our only real choices for POTUS


Hillary has put our American lives (civilian and military) at risk. She has proven that she is unqualified. Personality-wise, I actually like her better than Trump. She stands poised and less startled, but if I made the choice, I would have to vote for Trump because Hillary knowingly jeopardized my and my family’s lives. There are certain things you can’t take back — she’s already done some of them.

I think Trump could do those things in public office too. The difference is he hasn’t, he hasn’t been in the position to. Hillary has and did. It’s really no comparison.

The US needs better attention awarded to independents. They also have dirt and absurdities, but also valid things to say.

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