When Smith turned down the role, they went ahead and made the sequel without him. It was a bad idea, and like most bad ideas, I blame white people.
The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

When you cast blame so ignorantly, people begin to think you may be so yourself

I fear for your fragility that you see the world in race. It’s worse than that, it’s not by race, you see people by the color of their skins.

I guess if you go looking for racial hatred you might end up getting what you want? Is that what you’re after with all your articles? Race-baiting, prodding, and tantrums..as if expecting someone to come back at you with extreme anger.

It’s tempting.

Beating ignorance with a stick is tempting, but civility perseveres. I can’t speak of your history and your misfortunes, but I can say this stupid shit you put out is a myriad of cow dung.

If race is all you see, go live in Somalia for a year. Maybe then you will see the immaturity in your stance.

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