What I’ve Learned by Going from College Student to Class B Celebrity to Nobody to Kinda Sorta…
Mike Posner

I forgot about you.

That doesn’t come from a mean place. It’s the cold, hard, blunt, honest truth. You were right.

You reached fame and fell from it. I actually never heard your other singles after “cooler than me” and like many in the USA, that song had a pop flair that attracted me as it did so many others.

Listening to some of the other singles, I can see why they weren’t as successful. Whether it was sound, message, image, or just a mismatch of many of the elements that are supposed to harmoniously contribute to a hit. That is why remixes sometimes lubricate those jagged edges and smooth out an otherwise subprime song into a piece of art.

I appreciate your forwardness, your desire to be introspective and the transparency you’ve exercised in sharing that information. It’s undetermined if you’ve had ulterior motives, as you come off a bit braggy at times, but I’m going to assume it’s an honest search for betterment of oneself. After all, it takes a certain type of person to get into that lime light — it’d be incredibly hard without self promotion and/or bragging.

So, thank you. While I may have gone through the stages of not knowing who you are, hearing that one pop song you did (still not knowing who you are), and eventually forgetting about you… only to now be reminded of who you were and now are. Your story has helped me understand more about you and in so doing, make me feel comfortable in being a fan of your music and interests.

Carry on the good fight of being a better, more excellent person in everything you do.

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