I think it goes deeper than that.
Bill Anderson

I have been torn with an idea that isn’t my own. Mind you, I agree with some liberal ideals and have both liberal and conservative relatives, of which I appreciate both points of view.

Historically, I have coupled liberal (mainstream) media and Democrats together — this may be wrong. I had felt that it was the liberals that established a platform and the media has always played off of it, offering their slants, and their own degree of false news (or applied bias and propaganda). For instance, let’s say Republican’s brought the country into a war, then Democrats would say they don’t want a war, followed by the papers that might say how war is bad and television then reports how many people are dying.

Here, Democrats oppose Republican action and media runs with it. My perception that this is the process is starting to change.

I’m curious if perhaps the media is leading Democrats. That is, I’m curious is the media wants something to occur (their own agenda, be it personal or financial influence) and because it conflicts with Republican interests or status, Democrats adopt it, hoping to ride the gravy train to power. The origination not being by liberals, but by the media.

Extending the war example, the idea of media-led liberalism might be; Republicans engage in war, papers/television point out moral issues to ignite controversy (to sell more papers or get more viewership), the Democrats seize the opportunity and call for policy change and strengthen the media’s argument.

This media-led platform might explain circumstances from decades ago. For instance, why Democrats of the 60's were opposed to racial integration and now describe themselves as the minority party.

The idea that the media may be leading the Democratic Party would be dangerous if true, for many reasons. Right now, it’s only an idea and pure speculation, but an idea worth entertaining.

There are of course holes, or opposing points to also explore — too many to list here, but I’ll entertain one.

One such point may be, what happens when Democrats have the control? That is, wouldn’t the media be creating controversies to increase viewership from the conservative base?

To answer quickly, not necessarily. Conservatives are conservative by nature and less willing to yield their principles. The media blasting liberals for the sole purpose to gain conservative favor would not work as effectively; also, there’s a cost in switching their audience/customers. If the hypothesis was correct, then what we have seen over the years is that media and liberal interests have become a symbiotic relationship. This is most evident when the media displays hypocrisy with positions they held when Republicans held office, but not when Democrats.

Fully answering this one question might take a book to write and I acknowledge what I’ve provided is only shallow analysis, but it should still serve the idea of how media-led liberalism could be a thing and requires much more exploration before arriving at any such conclusions.

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