‘I love you’

It’s that simple combination of letters, the audible sound it produces, that is enough to entirely change mood.

I love you.

The heart of the phrase, love, is so generic and yet so abstract. What does it mean? It can be applied to a sexual lover, a family member, a stranger, a friend.

The same word used in very similar ways is used to convey a feeling of acceptance and appreciation, to recognize worth and value, and yet is so intricate that, depending on its intended recipient, subtly shifts its impact.

Do we say it enough?

Do I validate you enough? Do I say it too much? Is that what’s necessary? Is that my job? Is my purpose to convince others that they’re worthy? Shouldn’t others just know?

These are the questions that a person can only determine in their individual relationships. There is no magic formula and relationships have different balances.

In times where we are completely judgemental and critical of others, I find it necessary to also offer the one underlying fact that I do love you; whether you need to hear that or not.

The fact that you are here, reading these words makes me appreciate you that much more. You are a participating member of our species. You are an element of humanity that contributes to its direction and affects the speed in which we progress.

I may not know you, but I still value you. We are on this journey together and it’s had its shares of knicks and knacks, but you are my time-brother and time-sister and I love you.

Please keep that in mind as the complications of life continue to present themselves. The immediacy to resolve conflicts is not as important as the necessity to protect the sanctity of life.