Neverender, your comment confuses me.
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Jacqueline Womelsdorf,

Definition of Man

Actually, I did not ever define what a man was. I asked for clarity as to what the OP considered was a man. I only hinted at what a man was not. A man can still act boyish, while still maintaining manhood; a boy can act manly, without being a man.

The article and responses are around the context of an ideological man. Ideology changes over time, so that furthers my curiosity into what the OP considers ‘man’. It’s important to raise up this point for clarity — there is an endemic transpiring, where the general population is becoming confused about traditional norms, identity, and acceptability.

Ideological Confusion

In the midst of this open discussion, I would like to bring to light my stance on ideology. When there is confusion, I believe that society could require some ideological recalibration.

A recalibration isn’t typically required when there’s a strong foundation or guiding presence. This presence has historically come from special interest groups and figureheads, like the President, or the Church. They were the guiding compass surrounding issues of decency and morality. Congress and the Courts ensured our ideological viewpoints were upheld.

When media, including television, radio, internet begins to slip on our ideals; there becomes a shift. A new norm is established. We become desensitized to violence, sex, and/or language. Things like backtalk, is overlooked. Responsibility and accountability shift every so slightly, little by little, until there is a paradigm shift.

There are many reasons why society and governments go through revolutions; ideological differences is one of many elements that contributes to that.

Whether it’s noticed or festering in subconcious, there is an attack on morality. The Catholic Church has been portrayed as pedophiliac child molesters, Evangelicals have been portrayed as eccentrics, Jewish have been likened to atheists. The appeal of religion has been replaced with agnosticism.

Without going too far off topic, the reality is even if a person is not religious, they benefit from a system of conduct that is impermeable to time. Religion isn’t a set of laws that is easy to change. It’s important to hold to keep a foundation strong, for even if the leaves blow, the trunk holds true to center of balance.

Man vs Woman

I also did not distinguish the difference between Women and Men, which in my opinion share very similar traits. I believe this is very important, since my view of the ideological man and woman are equals.


By these measures, my mother is a man.

Too funny, silly.

Though, if you’re serious, there are certain obvious criteria that disambiguates men from women ;) Again, my line of questioning wasn’t a declarative definition, nor a comprehensive list.

Thanks for the convo!