George W. Bush was human and caring. John Kerry was arrogant and a bit odd. This isn’t why I became conservative but I’m sure it had influence.
Am I Still a Conservative?
Jay W. Cobb

I’m glad this wasn’t the reason, but the moment you start factoring in likability over behaviors (examples of past performance), you start to open yourself to political persuasion.

Bandwagoning affects the weak-minded, that fall to peer pressure and groupthink.

George W. Bush was the son of a despised President (on the left), which meant more conservative ideals that contrasted the prosperity of the Clinton-era before him. John Kerry had a smear campaign against him, being a flip-flopper and/or anti-American burning his war medals.

In the end, the Clinton prosperity is a facade on the public; an illusion that opened the gates of corruption to investment banks and played with Social Security Taxes to make it look like the US had more income than it did. Both endeavors have short term prosperity, but long term debt and sacrifices the country would ultimately pay.

Unfortunately, with the event of 9/11 GW primarily had to cater to supporting military endeavors (right or wrong). This ultimately meant invading on civilian privacy with the Patriot Act and generating even more debt than the country already had.

The Bush era wasn’t entirely bad, though. Despite the needless (debatable) invasion, the US presence was mightily and respected — something not guaranteed under Kerry (especially now after seeing his diplomacy as Secretary of State). Bush also worked to improve the environment, education, reduce the spread of AIDS, and reduce dependence on oil (continued under the Obama administration).

If Clinton had taken care of Osama bin Laden when he had been bombing US embassies in Africa, the US may not be in the financial and security predicament it is in today — 9/11 may not have happened and ISIS may not even be a thing.

In the end your decision may or may not have been correct. It’s hard to play the game of what-ifs. But you shouldn’t judge the role, requirements, and responsibility of a President based on his cockiness or mannerisms — Mitt Romney was not as personable as Obama, but Romney had much more experience and knew much more about the economy (domestic and global). Leftist media destroyed his campaign with “binders full of women”… nonsensical bullying of character.

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