I think her argument is solid.
Adrian Todd Zuniga

Think if a black dude did what he did. It would be, “See!” Half-drunk or not, he figured he could lie and it wouldn’t land on him hard.

— What?

Are you not familiar with United States sports? If you follow the NBA or NFL, you’d see that there are countless cases of black men that have been given the benefit of the doubt, domestically and internationally.

Bringing race into this is absurd, especially if you choose to remain oblivious to the Michael Jordans or Tiger Woodss or Lawrence Taylors or Dante Stallworths or Pacman Jones of the world.

There has been backlash against Lochte, especially by yours truly, but not for the lying. Instead, for the way he acted as a representative of the United States as an ambassador on official travel. The same kind of response I made to our dream team picking fights on the court with China.

Im not saying Lochte is innocent. I’m saying not all the facts were adequately presented. He was not in his right mind. He filed a report with the local police. He instigated the event, that’s how drunk he was.

It was said that his friend vandalized the establishment (pulled the poster off the wall). The security guy showed his weapon, but it was unclear if he ever pointed it at them, he certainly leaned in through the cab’s window.

When you’re under the influence as much as he was (a drunken stupor) all of those things can be easily misconstrued. The fact that he recalled any of it is somewhat amazing.

Think of it:

You’re drunk, you’re in another country, you don’t know what’s going on, people are speaking bad english or only Portuguese, you can’t understand them. You don’t remember what you did 5 minutes ago because of how drunk you are; you even try getting in the wrong cab. You’re ready to pull off with your compadres and then you’re stopped — it’s unlcear what exactly is going on because you’re in the back seat. Someone leans in and is yelling or giving your driver instructions and you can see a gun. You don’t know what to think… you’re in a bad part of town in another country.

It’s so easy to unintentionally get the details wrong.

So yes, when she’s already using an example that is not clear cut in the first place and then omits circumstances and certain details, there is fallacy at play.

I’m not defending Lochte or that group’s actions. I always felt they are Olympians and are representing the United States on that trip and should be held accountable.

My comment stems across the many articles that she has written, specifically about race. This grudge that she holds has to stop and I won’t take her seriously until she can be more analytical, more objective, in her approach.

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