Feels like a straw man argument.
Seren Skye Matthews

I’m not surprised so many women have an issue with what I’ve said. I’ve seen the furacity in the kinds of responses that feminists emplore — here on Medium, fortunately things are a little more civil and an educated conversation can occur. So I can’t say it wasn’t expected, but know that my original comment was not an attack on women or womenkind, purely a direct response and critique of the author/writing.

To address your points:

Attacking the Author’s Character

This unknown author said he was cancelling “men”. In order to do that, I merely asked for the credentials that he was a man or what he considered a man to be in the first place — to him I gather its farts and football. That’s not what being a man is.

If you, the reader has no understanding of what he defines as a man, then how can his article be of any significance to anyone; it’s just fluff.

If he wants to cancel farts and football, he should say so. To me, he would be better off saying, “Im cancelling friends”, but he didn’t. He said he was cancelling men and since I identify as a man, I am lumped into what he defines as a man. His definition that I’m only farts and football is an attack on me. That’s an attack on every well-natured individual that has an exact idea of what being a man is.

You belittling the importance of understanding what manhood is, is exactly why reponsibility and accountability are on a decline. Being dismissive or passive does not combat the perpetual problem of little boys acting and claiming to be men, carrying on without guidance.

You said, “Nowhere in the article was there a discussion on what it meant to be a man vs boy”.

Are you just saying that? I didn’t write a lot — can you not read? While my reply was the beginning to a discussion and not a fully comprehensive research paper, I asked a question and then literally went on to some qualities that men have, which boys don’t. Because being, or acting like, a man is more about character than age.

You said, “Protection? In this day in age I don’t need protection”

What? Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe you’ll never encounter immediately visible threats— maybe you can handle yourself. Maybe you don’t have to worry about the looney that follows you home. Maybe someone has never tried to imprint on you at a concert. Maybe you don’t live somewhere where bears break into your home, where coyotes run around your kid, where alligators sit on your lawn. Maybe a boss isn’t sending you weird texts. Maybe drug feens aren’t around. Maybe burglars don’t exist where you live. I don’t know your threats, I left that open for you to fill in. Apparently, there are absolutely none where you are? — uncanny.

  • At no point did I say a woman was not capable of protecting themselves. My exact words:
    Being a man isn’t about being right, it’s about standing confident and protecting your loved ones from threats first, especially when no one else will.
    First is the operative word, because we all know women are capable

But, whether you realize it or not, we all need a degree of protection. The US military sees that its citizens are protected the best that they can.

Physical protection — did you not notice that the military is open to both sexes

What world are you living in that you feel that women collectively are physically stronger than men collectively? Women cannot do everything men can do and men can’t do everything women can do — it’s science.

You might find exceptions that defy the norm — strong women and weak men — but in general women are simply not as physically capable because they produce less of what is called Testosterone.

If you don’t know what Testosterone is or the implications of it, then you don’t understand the controversy surrounding the female sprinter in the Rio Olympics with regards to her overproduction of it. You don’t understand the effects it has on the brain and why football players have a general trend of domestic violence, despite their physical prowess.

My response to the author — boy/girl (whatever it is), John DeVore — was never about Man vs Woman. It was also not about Women vs Girl. It was about Man vs Boy and how his stupid article sounded like a boy wrote it. You can twist my words to be something they aren’t, or try to pull something more out of them that directly affects you, but that is simply not the case. I’m sorry.

Men + Women in the Military
The military has been open to both sexes for a long time. No one is denying or against that. The debate has always been about being in the front lines, closer to danger. That has historically been a male-only role for various reasons; some are related to sexual attraction, some has to do to species repopulation, some have to do with physical ability, and others have to do with protecting a notion of what is innocent and pure.

I’m not going any further into these issues. Just know, women have been in the military for a while, it wasn’t until recently that they were allowed to join the front lines. I think the decision for this to occur was actually in response to issues of women equality and an attempt to reduce double standards.

To this day, there is no female that is currently serving in front-line combat positions because none can pass the test:

There are literally a couple women that are Army Rangers, but no Marine — only 10% of marines are even female. So while I greatly respect the women in our armed forces, if you think that men and women are at all physically equal or comparatively capable of equal physical protection, then you are sadly misinformed. This isn’t to say that our biological futures won’t be different.


Your failure to thoroughly read my short response before addressing it and drawing absurd conclusions only demonstrates a lack of effort, or intellectual ability to grasp what was written.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt and treated your response with respect, investing my time to address your points. But I had to do a lot of repeating, that I should not have to do. To be clear, it’s not worth wasting my time or yours, so if I find myself having to repeat (copy/paste or otherwise) myself again, I will simply dismiss your response or not show you the same amount of respect.

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